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Our policy to protect personal information

The rapid growth of the Internet is significantly affecting people's lifestyle. The protection of personal information is something that we prioritize here at Seed Planning, Inc., as a market research and consulting firm providing industrial companies and organizations with market analysis and statistical data based on the information given by the individuals.

With these taken into account, we declare that we establish our own "Policy to Protect Personal Information" and will make every effort to implement the privacy program, by paying a close attention to security, storage and management of the source of information.

Collecting, utilizing and providing personal information with appropriate controls

  • Whenever we receive personal information from the individuals, Seed Planning shall clearly specify the purpose, and ensure the information given by them to be utilized or provided to any third party within the scope of the specified purpose.

How to appropriately manage personal information

  • Appropriate security measures shall be taken to deal with the technological and organizational aspects of potential risks including the loss, destruction, leakage, and alteration of the personal information. In order to minimize those risks. all of the personal information collected is managed with a close attention to its accuracy based on the most up-to-date data management policy.

Following the privacy law and relevant rules

  • We follow the provisions in the program about the personal information protection based on JISQ15001. Our operation involving personal information is implemented also in accordance with our Legal Compliance Program.

Continuous effort being made to improve our legal compliance program

  • A couple of key responsible persons are appointed to deal with the continuous improvement of the privacy protection program. It is our firm belief that the privacy protection policy will not work effectively unless the individual staff in Seed Planning, Inc. have a clear understanding of the aims and the principle of the program and pay a close attention to the execution of his/her routine activities.