Seed Planning, Inc. provides a value-added services including solutions for business issues, development of business strategy implementation plans, insights into market trends, and policy planning, etc. Our clients include private companies, national & public agencies, local governments, and other organizations.
Our key principle is to offer comprehensive support for clients by achieving an optimal balance between market research and consulting services attuned to their needs. It is our mission to not only let our clients have a better understanding of the facts but also provide them with suggestions as to what specific actions to be taken in order to resolve existing problems.

Target areas

With the three core specialty areas comprising 'Electronics/IT', 'Healthcare/biotechnology' and 'Health/nursing care/wellness' as the basis of our services, our efforts continue to be extended to promising interdisciplinary and cross-industrial research areas.

Target areas

Our services

Market research reports

Seed Plannings insightful reports are made available by incisive analytical sense of Seed Plannings professional researchers, combined with their ability to provide far-sighted predictions of future trends in the market.

Market Reseach Report

Market research / Consulting

Aiming to be the best partner for our clients, Seed Planning offers multi-dimensional services with optimal combination of market research and strategic consulting.
As the best business partner for our clients, Seed Planning, Inc. is poised to provide pertinent proposals, and analysis and assessment, in case of their significant milestones, e.g., creating new business opportunities or launching a new product. It is also our role to provide the best support for their day-to-day activities.