Market Research/Consulting


We provide high value-added services to corporations, government agencies, municipalities, and various organizations to solve business issues, plan implementation strategies, understand market trends, and formulate policies. We provide an optimal balance of market research and consulting services to meet the needs of our clients, not only by understanding the actual situation, but also by recommending specific actions to be taken next in order to resolve the issues. We provide comprehensive support with objective and multifaceted considerations through fieldwork conducted with an accurate understanding of the objectives of the project.

market research

From market trend research to technical trends and benchmarking, we provide information tailored to your needs.

  • Market research and analysis
  • needs analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Growth Potential Analysis
  • Market awareness/acceptance survey and analysis
  • Survey and analysis of technology and R&D trends
  • Research and analysis of advanced technology R&D trends
  • Joint research planning through industry-academia collaboration
  • Survey and analysis of technological superiority and differentiation
  • Benchmarking Survey
  • Patent searches (prior art searches, use searches, etc.)
  • Doctor Monitor Survey


We propose, evaluate, and analyze proposals as a partner during your business transformation, such as new business development and new product launches, and as a supporter of your day-to-day operations.

  • Business Planning & Business Model Development Support
  • Analysis of the characteristics of the market you are entering
  • Seed technology application search and evaluation
  • Commercialization Feasibility Assessment
  • Commercialization Assessment
  • Business Attractiveness Assessment
  • Coordination support for overseas expansion (Europe, U.S. and China)
  • Business Strategy & Execution Plan Development
  • Optimal Business Entry Mode Assessment
  • Analysis of strategies for partnering with other companies
  • Business plan development for new commercialization
  • Business-to-Business Strategic Alliance Coordination
  • Industry-University-Government Collaboration Codes

Market Research/Consulting Procedures

STEP1 Project Planning
After clearly understanding the history and background of the consultation project, we will precisely define the objectives and scope of the project implementation.
A preliminary study will then be conducted and a proposal prepared.
STEP2 Study Approach (Research Methodology)
We select the most appropriate advisors, consultants and researchers from our network of experts to determine the optimal research methodology and workflow.
STEP3 Tentative setup and field research
Based on hypotheses established from accumulated knowledge and information, we conduct research efficiently by utilizing the interview (hearing) guide that we have prepared.
STEP4 Analysis and synthesis of survey results
The results of the survey will be analyzed and synthesized using the information that has been accumulated and analyzed.
STEP5 Final Report of Conclusions & Recommendations
We do not stop at understanding marketability, but also provide support in the planning and development of commercialization, entry strategies, and in the execution phase.