Information Security Policy

Seed Planning Inc. and its affiliated companies (SPI Information, Inc., Seed Solutions, Inc. Our aim is to provide market research, market research reports, and consulting services focusing on the three areas of electronics/IT, medical/biotechnology, and healthcare. In order to realize our management philosophy and corporate objectives, it is important to maintain high corporate morals regarding information security and to protect our clients’ information assets, such as systems and data, as well as information assets as management resources, from any and all threats. We have established the following information security policy to ensure that our information assets are properly protected, and we will promote this policy by making it known to all employees and relevant external parties. Translated with (free version)

1)Information Security Management System
We and our affiliated companies will establish a management system and operating organization for information security, clarify roles and responsibilities, and establish a system for systematic management and operation.

2)Compliance with Laws and Regulations
MCC and its affiliates shall comply with all laws, regulations, guidelines, contracts with customers, internal rules, etc., related to information security.

3)Establishment of information security management regulations
The Company and its affiliates shall establish and periodically review information security rules and management standards.

4)Implementation of information security measures
To protect all information assets entrusted to us by our customers from all threats, including negligence, accidents, disasters, and crimes, we and our affiliates shall implement appropriate measures based on the results of risk assessments. In the unlikely event of an information security problem, we will promptly investigate the cause and implement countermeasures to minimize the damage and prevent recurrence.

5)Education and training
The Company and its affiliates shall ensure that all directors, employees, and others engaged in internal operations are aware of the importance of information security, and shall provide education and training to ensure the proper handling of information assets.

6)Continuous Improvement
We and our affiliates will regularly evaluate the implementation status of the information security management system and strive for continuous improvement.

September 1, 2020
Seed Planning Inc.
Representative Director Yoshio Umeda